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Planning for the future? It depends on what kind of planning.

7PM EDIT: I stopped and thought about this entry and really felt like I hadn't put enough planning into it. Yes, seriously. Guess my sign.

Household/living: Well, in some ways I already decided. I made my permanent family planning decisions a few years ago (with a great deal of thought ahead of time), so no children will be coming from my body barring a major tubal failure. Likewise I won't be living with anyone who has them. So what's that house going to look like? I don't know as I've entirely decided yet. M and I have talked about getting a bigger space and eventually I would like to. There definitely won't be any more cats in the household until we have a larger space.

Financially--yes, I do this quite a bit. I worry about having to be financially dependent on others. Hell, I don't even like being financially dependent on [ profile] glitch25. Self-sufficiency is a point of pride with me. And while it can suck sometimes to have to think "I can't do X or Y fun thing because I need to put money into savings" (I've been there) it sucks waaaaaaay less than "I'm absolutely fucked because I don't have emergency savings for a sudden expense/job loss/other catastrophe". I can't plan for everything but I owe it to myself and my partner to make the effort.

I think I could stay at my job a long time, but then again I said that about my last job. So we'll see.

So am I ever spontaneous? YES! Just not with things that matter. Dancing in public? Sure. Smiling at a stranger? You betcha. Picking up and moving to another country all of a sudden? Yeah not so much.
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