Aug. 15th, 2010

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Dred Scott and the 14th Amendment.

Someone needs to remind the teabaggers that trying to change the Constitution to restrict, rather than grant the rights to others in the country doesn't go over well.

I've heard rumor that some (R)'s also would like to push so that only those whose parents are both citizens (or whose fathers are citizens) would be permitted to keep their citizenship. bio-dad is not and never will be a U.S. citizen. So you can probably imagine I have a problem with this and I really hope they are just rumors.

Though-it's not exactly easy to change the constitution. It may be a conservative wet dream to add an amendment defining marriage, but that still hasn't happened yet (and with Prop 8 being declared a no-go, I'm feeling pretty good that it won't). So now "illegal immigration" becomes the new hot topic du jour, since they've realized banning gay marriage is a losing battle.

But something tells me my face wasn't the one the conservatives had in mind when they came up with ideas like this.

[ profile] glitch25 just asked me what the statute of limitations on this would many generations would it go back? Because really, there's only one group of people who can claim that they deserve the land and I'm sure they'd like it back.
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I've read article after blog after article about the unfair expectations placed on me because I'm female. Walk feminine, talk feminine...oh, wait, that's a song. But really...I'm supposed to be pretty, be slender, spend hours on my hair and makeup, wear cute and horribly uncomfortable shoes, find a nice man to make me a Mrs., have the proper number of babies and not let my figure go, balance work and family...the list goes on and on. After awhile I stopped giving a shit about what society expected of me as a female because society's not the fucking boss of me. I burp, I fart, I'm fat and I'm unmarried. But I pay taxes and obey the laws of the land so I figure I'm fulfilling my social obligations just fine and dandy.

So something I never really thought about was the expectations society places on men. I mean, why should I? I'm not a guy, and besides they supposedly have all the power and control in society so how hard can it be?

with great power comes great responsibility )


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