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Keep your hair...

Interesting. Not that I'm cutting mine anyways.

Dammit, it got dark too early. Barely able to squeeze in a walk!
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Pastor had sex with daughters.

"The man told the court the sex was not about fulfilling his desires but about teaching his daughters how to behave for their husbands when they eventually married, as dictated in scripture....he was genuinely remorseful and had a good chance of rehabilitation as his wife and the church remained supportive."

Um...WTF is going on here? WHO THE HELL SUPPORTS AND FORGIVES THIS BULLSHIT? Did Jesus say "forgive them that fuck their 13-year old daughters, for they know not what they do?"

And here I thought purity balls were a fucked up concept (well, they are to me anyways but I partially attribute that to my lack of an unfucked up father figure).
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Yep, they found it.

The headline alone was just plain wrong. That's all.
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And I used to think it would be cool to live by the border...
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I'm a bit torn. There's reference made to the couple using Wicca and ceremonial magic. So are we talking about a coven/organized group? Or is this a case of sexual abuse where "hoodoo" stuff just happened to be around along with the drugs, so "Wicca" just came up as the first buzzword available (since Satanic Ritual Abuse is sooo 1980's and 'cult' is such a broad term)?

It's shitty either way.
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"Antidepressant helps people with heart disease, depression"

"Murder allegations 'hogwash,' Pickton told Mountie" (context might be helpful here)

Yes, I'm trying really hard not to watch the State of the Union address. Instead I'm chilling out after a yummy dinner (homemade tortillas and chili..mmmmm).
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From the "WTF" files... could this man think that could still be ok?

And...I should add-what a cheapskate!


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