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I created this post in so many forms in my head this weekend. I thought about whether or not to lock it, cut it, if I even had anything meaningful to write about. I just don't know if I have words to describe what this experience has been like for me. It wasn't just a weekend, it was a series of amazing moments and memories. And yet the only photos I have are of Scsi trying to get into my bag as I packed.

Thursday was when everything started for me, really. Checked into the hotel, got a pedicure (I may have to do this regularly feet feel lovely!), got back to the hotel, changed clothes then up to the temple for open house and running an early check-in, which led to meeting LOTS of people for the first time! It was so incredibly strange seeing the temple space with no altar present. Really opens up the space. I really wish it hadn't been so busy up on the hill though--it made it difficult to find parking up there. Came back to the hotel late, had a bit of wine and chatted with people, then finally made it to sleep after my roommates arrived sometime between 1:30-2am.

In what would be an ongoing pattern over the weekend, I was up at some point between 6:45-7:00am. And what a busy morning it was! But the chaos was well-managed, nicely controlled, and came down to as normal as it could be. Actually, now that I think about it, that was an ongoing pattern: up early, crazy morning, eat lunch, make sure everything will go smoothly for the afternoon, then take a brief nap before evening festivities and head to bed between 1-2am. It *mostly* worked--I'm tired now but I'm also resting after what was essentially a year and then some of work. Naps and early bedtimes for the better part of the week are called for.

Sunday M came by to help with the Eleusyve table, and I stole him away for lunch after that. Was lousy Indian food but lovely spending some time with him away from the hotel. Made it back in time for Lon's workshop, which I'm immensely glad I was able to make.

By the time Mass happened, I was exhausted and relieved. And even a little homesick...Horizon hadn't done a mass since mid-July and I found myself missing it horribly! I can't wait to get back into performing the mass and my role as EGC sec. To everyday life. So lovely. And then the closing remarks at the end of Sunday...and so many hugs and tears.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet so many brethren who in the past had only been LJ names to me. There were a couple moments of "oh, so *you're* so-and-so!". I love when that happens.

There's so much that made me so joyously happy this past weekend. I can't even pin down exactly what, or how. I spent today chilling out, running errands, thinking about what else needs to be done. And rereading Liber Librae.

I've had people ask me what I'm going to do now that NOTOCON is over. There's such a list!

-working out more regularly.
-taking the time to do cross-stitch. I haven't done any in weeks.
-remembering what it feels like to chill out.
-read for fun.
-I may start dating again--I was actively trying to avoid it before NOTOCON because I didn't want the distraction of, and NRE. Now it's actually sounding like a good idea.

I'm sure there's more. I don't even want to think of all I'd put off until after NOTOCON...and now it's up for the doing!
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Today I got paid.

My next paycheck will right before NOTOCON.

If this doesn't scream "OMG IT'S SO CLOSE!" I don't know what does :-)
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NOTOCON VII ~ Seattle, WA ~ Aug 7-9th, 2009
NOTOCON VII: the seventh biennial National Ordo Templi Orientis Conference
August 7-9th, 2009 EV ~ Seattle, WA


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