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Sep. 16th, 2017 08:46 pm
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It is strange to be in a situation where I both feel too old and yet too young. We decided to head out to see a local hot club band playing up in Lake Forest Park, and one of the things I noticed immediately was that most of the audience is 10 or several more years my senior. For this sort of music, and lots of jazz and other things I go to see, this doesn't necessarily surprise me.

I remember when I went to see the Dave Brubeck quartet when they passed through Albuquerque not quite 30 years ago. I was 18, and most of the audience was at least 40 or 50. It was interesting watching these older guys clutching their vinyl hoping to get an autograph. I found it cool that I was interested in the band at such an age, and I didn't care too much that I didn't know anybody my age that would have appreciated it. We all definitely enjoyed the concert, and we each got our turn meeting Dave back stage. :-)

Along those lines, I noticed that there is a 20-something group here that looks to be having a grand old time dancing and otherwise really enjoying the music. It is fun to watch them, and they also make me feel a little old. Old in that I was too shy and too wound up in my head to have these sorts of experiences when I was that age, and while this old dog can still learn a few new tricks, I feel like I have a lot less disposable time in my life than I did back then. Funny how that is.

Sometime in the future, I think I need to find a dance teacher that will give me some extended one-on-one time. We tried dance lessons at one of those weeknight classes they have at one of the dance studios with a dozen or so people, and while they were ok, they are kinda rushed, and I found it embarrassing to try and dance with a partner (particularly when we'd switch it up beyond the person I came with) when I really didn't have a good grasp of the steps. I felt like I was wasting their class time stumbling through. Maybe ultimately I wasn't, but I remember having a rough time with that part.

Things to plan time to do. :)

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Sep. 11th, 2017 09:17 am
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Every time I come here to look to write, I get overwhelmed by the volume of things I want to write about. I think the solution is to just make a list somewhere so I don't forget anything, and then just knock out a topic or two at a time. Seems like a workable idea, no? :-)

A lot of what has been on my mind is the state of the world lately. Not just politically, but the fact that the change in season is bringing about pretty hefty storms and fires and earthquakes and lots of the like, and a lot of people out there are suffering as a result. We are fortunate that our local impact is minimal. Obviously, even the smoke we've been having from the local fires has been minimal compared to the dealings of others more directly affected. But as always, it's a reminder to be grateful, and also a reminder to work on being prepared for troubles as they might come.

Sometimes, that preparation is just living with the idea that things can happen rather than ducking our heads in the sand and denying the possibility. By acknowledging that things can happen, that already puts us in a better place. Then even just thinking about what we would realistically do is another better place. Better to have thought about it and avoid the initial shock of disbelief when it happens than deal with the emotional trauma of the break in reality from our own self-created delusion. Beyond those things, sky is the limit on preparing. Red Cross makes lists of basics, and beyond that, sometimes it is helpful to include it in your day to day planning by adding a little extra storage-capable food in your weekly grocery shopping (things you either already eat or would eat). Also, try saving towards your upcoming bills and building up that essential bills pad. Not all bad things come in global sizes. Sometimes planning for something simple as losing your job puts you ahead of the game should that happen.

These preparation ideas are probably mostly for those who are privileged enough to be able to do these things. Others may have a more difficult time with these, and in fact may already be living their own crisis. So.. take advantage of your preparations and help others as they request and as you are able. It is the right thing to do. We are all humans and we all deserve to succeed. Lifting each other up makes us all better.

Stay safe, prepare, live, and love. <3


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