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Reposting from several sources.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2008, during a live broadcast of a wedding reception on the TODAY Show, Kathy Lee Gifford gratuitously referred to Pagans as "nasty, bad Pagans." Ms. Gifford's hate speech has done harm to American Pagans' ability to live in peace with our neighbors of other faiths. By allowing her hate speech to be broadcast, her direct employer the TODAY Show, and their network, NBC, participate in that hate speech.

This is a petition calling for, at the very least, an on-air apology. A TODAY Show program devoted to dispelling misconceptions about Pagans and Paganism would go a long ways toward undoing the damage.

Signers of this petition are also putting the sponsor of that TODAY Show segment, Samsung, on notice that we are conducting a BOYCOTT against them until such time as we receive justice.

Also-the studio phone number information, as posted on [ profile] pagan: (212) 664-4249 -- it will give you a 1 and someone will pick up.

EDIT: Video from YouTube.

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So, what is with the hesitation people have about attending public rituals/events?

I posted the question to [ profile] oto_community and [ profile] clerk_house, but I feel it applies to non-OTO stuff also.

Witches don't bite. Honest!
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My dear [personal profile] glitch25 posted the following in his LJ today:

If you're Thelemic and you know it, Step and Sign! (draaaaaag... WHACK!)
If you're Thelemic and you know it, Step and Sign! (draaaaaag... WHACK!)
If you're Thelemic and you know it, and you really wanna show it,
If you're Thelemic and you know it, Step and Sign! (draaaaaag.. WHACK!)

I'm trying to form other lyrics in my head, but all I've got thus far is "If you're Pagan and you know it, circle and chant!"

Anyone got any ideas?

If you're Dianic and you know it...
If you're Wiccan and you know it...
If you're Discordian and you know it...
If you're fluffy and you know it...


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